(Office Building)
Woodland Hills, CA

This 3-story limestone and marble-clad class “A” 62,000 square foot office building was developed by the principal of Winco from the ground up in the Warner Center area of Southern California. The property was owned and operated for nearly 10 years until sold to a national REIT.

Richard Shapiro worked exclusively with me for nine years before he established Winco in 1997. During that time Richard managed my real estate portfolio, overseeing all aspects of my investment holdings as well as new development. Perhaps the best indication of my regard for Richard’s ability is the fact that upon setting up Winco, I asked Richard to continue overseeing my entire portfolio. Richard is honest, hard working and capable of both the big picture and detailed thinking. In short, he’s a real pro who “gets it”.
— Larry Elins, President Elins Development