(Offices & Shopping Center)
Santa Monica, CA

This property was acquired in 1987 and developed from the ground up. Located in Santa Monica, the property became the standard for innovative and creative mixed-use specialty centers. Upon completion, the property received a Los Angeles Area Beautification Award. The property was sold in 2004 at a significant profit and at a price per square foot that was a record for the area.

Services Provided:

  • Ground-up Development

  • Deposition

  • Entitlements

  • Acquisition

  • Leasing

When we decided to significantly expand and completely remodel our existing offices, we attempted to negotiate the deal directly with our landlord – a large, bureaucratic California pension fund. We experienced delays and enormous frustrations trying to reach acceptable terms and conditions. Unable to reach agreement after several months, we turned to Richard Shapiro and Winco, who were able to consummate not only a great deal for us, but they also managed and supervised the entire build-out of our 15,000 square foot facilities. Richard assembled a great team of contractors and specialists, kept our costs below budget and worked tirelessly to see this project through to completion. We will continue to use Richard to represent us on all our real estate-related matters. He has the insight, experience, integrity, personality and perseverance required to successfully consummate transactions. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to develop, expand, remodel and optimize any of their real estate projects.
— James B. Freedman, Chairman and CEO Intrepid Investment Bankers