(Mixed Commercial Use)
100% leased

A 150 acre mixed use commercial development. An agreement was secured with the City of Industry, designating the development as a redevelopment project. As such, all on and off site improvements were paid for by the redevelopment agency including streets, utilities, street lighting and landscaping. The development, the largest single commercial project in the city included retail stores, an entertainment center, office buildings and a freeway oriented Auto Row. In 1984, with Puente Hills East nearly completed, the property was sold.

Zimmerman, Koomer, Connolly & Finkel have had the pleasure of working with Winco and Richard B. Shapiro for over 20 years. Without exception Winco has demonstrated keen business intuition and knowledge that has produced exceptional results for their business associates and investors. Winco has an ability to keep the goal in mind at all times while developing business relationships which are rewarding and, as a result of their professionalism, long lasting.
— Michael Koomer, Of Counsel Law Firm of Connolly & Finkel