In the event Winco undertakes a development project we have proven over the past twenty plus years to have the expertise and experience to bring together a cohesive team to properly undertake a development opportunity.

Proper team assembly and pre-development planning are critical to a project’s success. Each project must be designed and built at a competitive advantage, especially in a marketplace such as Southern California. Because of the demanding nature of a development, and all of the details of each venture, Winco only takes on select development projects. We provide personalized service to each project, personal attention to each detail or issue. Below is a list of some of the construction, architectural and engineering professionals utilized by Winco and its principals.

Winco has developed projects ranging from ground up construction to specialized tenant improvement work. Negotiations of contracts, contract administration, invoice approval, value engineering, coordination between engineers, architects and the contractors are all functions Winco provides. In a nutshell, Winco acts as the Quarterback of a project to make certain that the finished product is built as budgeted, completed timely and of the quality intended.

It is these same principles that Winco also applies to each investment opportunity. Given our history of developing various commercial properties we have the insight and ability to analyze and evaluate a potential investment. Our knowledge of the development process and ability to assess the risk and possibilities associated with each investment allows us to make informed and prudent decisions.

  • Argus Construction Corporation
  • Bernard Contractors
  • Bridgwater Consulting Group
  • Clarke-Porsche Construction
  • Daniel Dworsky & Associates
  • Gabor Studios
  • Howard Building Corporation
  • John A. Martin & Associates
  • John Haight and Associates
  • John Parezo AIA and Associates
  • Keller Construction Corporation
  • Millie and Severson Contractors, Inc.

  • Nadel Architects & Associates
  • RGA Office of Architectural Design
  • Rothenberg Sawasy Architects
  • Tetras Construction Corporation
  • Ware Malcomb Architects
  • Harley Ellis Deveraux Architects and Engineers
  • Matt Construction
  • Dakis Construction
  • Goldman Firth Rossi Architects
  • Bernards Builders
  • Fields Devereaux Architects